The Town of Yucca Valley heard from some unhappy business owners and citizens last night at a workshop meeting about two new highway projects, including more medians. Managing editor Tami Roleff was there as they voiced their frustration…
Business owners complained that because semis and other large trucks can’t make U-turns on the highway, they wouldn’t be able to deliver merchandise if the medians blocked access to their businesses. Deputy Town Manager Shane Stueckle admitted that the alternate routes, such as Pioneertown Road to Sunnyslope and back down Grand or Palm to the highway, were not ideal, as large trucks would travel through residential neighborhoods. “While there are secondary routes available for businesses to have access, are they perfect? No, they are not perfect.” One business owner questioned the timing of the workshop. “To me, this meeting should have been done prior to approval of the whole project.” And he also questioned the statistics showing 47 accidents between Apache and Palm Avenues from 2009 to 2013. “47 accidents in five years. Those statistics don’t justify the loss in income the businesses are going to get.” Mike Branning, owner of Unique Landscape wondered why the Town even held a workshop. “Seems like it’s already a done deal as far as the project going out to bid. How can you properly bid a project when these need to be addressed?” Stueckle closed the meeting with three reasons why the medians are being added. “Number 1, based upon the general plan policy, a 6-lane divided highway; 2) traffic safety is a priority in this community for all of the Town Councils since incorporation, and 3) funding availability exists today.”


  • Ryan Fame

    It seems that our community is experiencing a lack of voice. I have heard nothing but complaints about the medians and the local business owners have valid concerns. Moreover, who’s doing the planning in this town? Sure new corporation expansion is a good thing, but choking out the small businesses by building these ridiculous medians isn’t the way to do it!

  • claude short

    The only reason that seems valid is the safety issue. That can be addressed in other ways. General plan, 6-lane DIVIDED highway- those things can be changed. As far as the idea that funding is currently available- big deal. Just cause ya got the money doesn’t mean you HAVE to spend it! This is a common theme in Yucca Valley- “Hey look! We have money. We can spend it on…!” Never questioned: How much is it going to COST the residents of this town?

  • Tim Humphreville

    The complete apathy of the general public is a country wide problem. People just do not get involved in their community’s anymore, Until they disagree with something that affects them. This project has been in the works for at least five years! The public notice for the meetings are in the paper every week, the items on the agenda are reported on the radio, and on the town web site every week. There have been several meetings on these projects, A very large percentage of the property owners, not only signed the paper work for the easements, but also cashed the checks for those easements. Then to make it worse, the people who volunteer their time for this community, are dragged thru the mud! Your apathy is not the town, or the councils fault!

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