A house fire in Twentynine Palms killed two dogs yesterday. According to Fire Captain Robert Marquez, Twentynine Palms firefighters and units from the Combat Center and Wonder Valley fire stations were called to a fully involved house fire in the 6600 block of El Rey Avenue at 6 p.m. Sunday.


Neighbors told firefighters there may be victims trapped inside the home, but fire fighters did not find any victims other than the two dogs, who were found in a bedroom. The home is a total loss. The origin of the fire is believed to have been in the living room; the cause is under investigation. Captain Marquez reminds residents to stay away from the scene of a fire; he said “looky loos” were in the way of firefighters trying to fight the fire. Under California law, it is illegal to drive by or park within 800 feet of a fire.


  • johnny j mccool

    in regards to the fire that killed the two dogs in the deseet with my ex wife about six houses away when this was going on you could see that the first responding fire engine was sparying water on the house and stopped the fire fighters where going up to the fire truck and messing with something then the second big red fire engine rolled up one of the firefighters already on seen yeld water very loud a short time after that the water was being used for “looky loos” the the two peaple i had seen was the woman waiting for her husband whome was with the police telling them that he kicked in the door too see if anyone was in the house and one lady that the police came out of the desert with from next to the house yelling that she killed him ,you did not have that in your report why not ??

  • Melissa Wilkinson

    I am still trying to find the name of who is investigating this fire. I am the legal owner of the house, my disables uncle and his disabled wife have been living in the house for years. I have not been contacted by anyone, i have been searching for answers, and have questions. I heard my uncles wife was taken into custody. Nobody seems to know who the fire investigator is. I have talked to 29 fire dept, they said San Bernardino took over, they (san bernadino) said they were not investigating. So who is? I live in Texas. If anyone has any info please contact me. My other uncle is coming in from out of state today to see what he can do. If you have any info please contact me at Thank you. Melissa

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