In his address to the Basin Wide Foundation’s breakfast meeting on Thursday, Third District County Supervisor James Ramos marked his first year in office with a recap of accomplishments and a peek at future aims. Assignment reporter Mike Lipsitz has highlights…
Chief among accomplishments, Ramos described a new sense of cooperation among the five-member Board of Supervisors and he emphasized that impacts to our Morongo Basin are receiving prime consideration in board decisions. Among more tangible accomplishments, Ramos pointed to the Joshua Tree Video Conferencing Center where the public has been participating in county meetings remotely, he noted the newly formed regional Municipal Advisory Council which is allowing our diverse communities to come together with one voice, also the recent county-funded community clean ups, and the newly approved 32 conditions required for placing solar industry in sensitive rural environments. Looking ahead, Ramos touched on creative ways the county is looking to fill the voids created by elimination of the Supervisor’s discretionary funds and federal sequestration, such as a planned Internet drive with the goal of raising $300,000 for 150 non-profits in the county.

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