Sheriff’s Captain Rich Boswell, who also serves as the Chief of Police for the Town of Yucca Valley and the City of Twentynine   Palms, is retiring. Managing Editor Tami Roleff talked with Boswell, aka “Boz”, about his law enforcement career……

After serving as captain of the Morongo Basin’s Sheriff’s station for just a year and a half, Rich Boswell is set to retire in March. “I started off as a volunteer deputy sheriff in 1991, and became a regular employed deputy sheriff in 1983, more than 31 years.” Captain Boswell took over from Captain Donnie Miller in August 2012. “I’ve had a very successful career. It’s the American dream to retire healthy at an early age and now I’m fortunate enough to get that opportunity.” He’s got plans for what he’s going to do during retirement. “I’ve got loys of grandkids, 6 grandkids I want to spend time with. I have a boy in high school I want to rodeo with him. I want to do some traveling with my wife. It’s going to be wonderful.” But still, after 31 years, retirement will be bittersweet. “It’s always tough leaving something you’re comfortable with and life is full of challenges and I’m willing and ready to take the next challenge in life.” But Boswell is confident the Sheriff’s Department will do just fine without him. “The men and women of the department are very capable, dedicated employees, and they will continue to serve the communities of the Morongo Basin very, very well. I’m leaving the department in good hands.”

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