The Yucca Valley Fire Department responded to a kitchen grease fire Thursday in which the residents tried to extinguish the fire by spraying it down with a garden hose. This is exactly the wrong thing to do. Pouring water on burning grease or oil will not extinguish the fire. It will only cause the burning oil to splash, spreading the grease fire around. In order to extinguish a grease fire, turn off the burner and cover the pan with a metal lid. If it’s readily available, you can pour baking soda onto the grease fire, but it may take more baking soda than what you have. A dry chemical fire extinguisher will put out a grease fire. Do not try to carry the burning pan outside; you’ll only slosh the burning grease around. If you are burned, treat the burn AFTER you put out the fire or get out of the house. If your clothes catch on fire, stop, drop and roll. And don’t be afraid to call 911 for help with your grease fire.

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