Yesterday we reported on an off-road tour with Community ORV Watch leading representatives from the Sheriff’s Department, BLM, the Marine Base, the National Park Service and County Supervisor James Ramos office. Z107.7 assignment reporter Mike Lipsitz picks up the story where he left off … at Sunfair Dry Lake.

For private property owners frustrated by encroachment from off-road enthusiasts’ putting the brakes on the problem is rarely simple. The patchwork of regulations that govern motorized recreation varies from area to area and even between BLM lands in Wonder Valley and Johnson Valley. Where boundaries aren’t signed, riders can easily stray from designated trails onto private property. Enforcement may be the responsibility of the County Sheriff’s Department, Park Rangers, or BLM officers. And the reality is that law enforcement may respond to a call from many miles away, leaving apprehensions unlikely. Phil Klasky of Community ORV Watch put it like this, “They need to educate themselves as to the law of the land out here and respect our rural communities. A lot of it comes down to common sense and respect.”


  • JanTukeva

    Well I reported a group of off-roaders illegally riding around my Wonder Valley neighborhood about 6 weeks ago… Not the first time, but this time they were camped out and riding from there. We took photos & video on our smartphones & reported their camp location; the local sheriff kindly informed them they were NOT allowed to ride on the dirt roads, *OR* BLM/ public lands in the area – that they had to stick to their OWN property.

    Surprise – they left when confronted – finally.

    Goodbye, illegal scofflaw off-roaders!

  • Cam

    Off roaders have been in Wonder Valley long before all the tree hugging Sierra Club loving hippies decided to invade the area. My family has had the police called on them while riding on our own property! This desert used to be a halfway decent place to live but the tweakers and crybabies have ruined it. If you don’t want to be around dirt bikes and other offroad vehicles, then take your happy a$$ somewhere else.

  • Sam

    I don’t know if you are a tweeker, but you sure are a crybaby. I know it is hard for you not to whine and point your grubby little fingers at others. The truth is that if the ORV community had been conducting themselves responsibly and lawfully there never would have been an ordinance supported by the Board of Supervisors to try to reign the ORV community in. In other words, it was the bad actors of the ORV community that got the boom lowered on themselves and their like-minded buddies. They ruined their own good thing and now they are whining. Can’t say I feel a bit of sympathy. It is time for all of that wasteful, polluting machinery to be put away.

  • Sam

    One wonders why this effort is being led by a guy from San Francisco? Maybe he should be trying to clean up his town instead. There is lots of ruined land in San Francisco for a rich guy to save.

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