The National Weather Service has issued a hard freeze warning here in our Morongo Basin through tomorrow morning. With Temperatures in the 20’s, Reporter Taylor Thacker reminds you to watch for freezing pipes…
Standing water in pipes and hoses expands as it freezes, possibly causing pipes and hoses to break. Leaks due to freezing are usually not noticed immediately, which allows the water to run through the break and flood property. Here are some tips to prevent costly damages to your property. Pipes that are exposed to severe cold, like outdoor hose bibs and irrigation lines, are the most likely to freeze. Disconnect and drain all outdoor hoses when not in use. Outdoor taps can be left on at a very slow trickle overnight to keep the water moving. If you plan to be away from home overnight, turn your water off at the meter box. Adjust the thermostat in the house before you leave so that interior water pipes will be protected from freezing. If a break does occur, turn the water off at the meter to prevent water loss and to allow the break to be repaired.

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