Our desert and Joshua Tree National Park are being invaded. Park Ranger Pam Tripp tells you how to be a defender…

Did you know that an invasion of the desert is occurring right below your feet? Sahara mustard is a non-native plant that invades our desert’s natural areas. Sahara mustard reduces our brilliant native wildflower displays in the spring, is poor habitat for wildlife, and creates fuel for wildfires, causing them to spread quickly. Joshua Tree National Park has been fighting off this weed in its protected desert areas for the last 10 years. Please join us this spring for our annual ‘Hold the Mustard’ volunteer days, when we remove Sahara mustard from critical areas of the park. Work alongside park staff, learn about the management of your national park, and meet other community members! It is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spring weather.  Contact the park for more information on dates and locations of these volunteer events. For more information on how to help with Sahara Mustard removal, contact Josh Hoines at 760-367-5564.

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