The District Attorney’s office announced in court Friday that it intends to seek the death penalty against the men accused of murdering a 33-year-old Beaumont man following a carjacking in Yucca Valley. Jose Gomez, 20, and Bryan Valle, 19, both of Earlimart, are accused of stealing a car in Wasco May 9, 2013, driving it to Yucca Valley, where it’s believed they attempted to carjack a car driven Obette Lacap, a pharmaceutical rep from Beaumont. Police say the suspects shot Lacap through the car’s window, killing him. Witnesses said Valle and Gomez got back into their stolen car and fled westbound on Highway 62 to Interstate 10, pursued by CHP and Sheriff deputies, at speeds of 100 miles or more, to San Bernardino. The car crashed into a light pole after exiting the freeway. The Sheriff’s department said when Valle and Gomez got out of the car, they started shooting at law enforcement, who returned fire, killing Bryan Valle, and injuring Gomez. Jose Gomez was in a San Bernardino court room Friday morning for a preliminary hearing when Assistant Deputy Attorney Cary Epstein stated the state would be seeking the death penalty. Jose Gomez is on trial for two counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder, carjacking, three counts of robbery, shooting at an inhabited vehicle, and one count of receiving stolen property. Gomez is being held at the West Valley Detention Center with his bail set at $1 million.


  • jeff DeMorrow

    This man deserves the death penalty …too bad a death sentence in California means 30 years on tax payer money … two types of appeals …oh yeah…which cost us more money…oh yeah…let alone the cost of this trial…there is no doubt of this mans guilt……no amount of drug use…bad child hoods….horrible stuff,,, excuse’s what this man did ..if it was your child ..husband or dad you would feel the same. That is a harsh position to take …but I had family just cars away coming and going from the gym that day… could have been them. It would be hard to keep me from acting out in the courtroom first chance. This puts some of my opinion…and it is just that….we live in a state that has had some very lean years ….lean because of so many things that we throw money at….keeping death row like its a club….ask manson…he will die of age before we do it to him.

    • Becky S.

      Jeff, Charles Manson is not on death row, his sentence was commuted to life w/o parole in 1972 when the state briefly abolished the death penalty.

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