Cadiz, Inc. is publicizing the conclusions of an environmental consulting firm’s report that specializes in water issues. The report from Aquilogic analyzes four objections to the Cadiz plan to pump water from beneath the Cadiz Valley and sell it to coastal water users, and says that the objections don’t hold water. Reporter Dan Stork summarizes the report’s findings, and its effect on one lawsuit related to the project…
Aquilogic, a Costa Mesa-based environmental consulting company, has published a report titled “Review of the Groundwater Hydrology of the Cadiz Project.” The report was prepared for three plaintiffs in a suit against the Santa Margarita Water District. The water district is both the lead agency for the Cadiz project’s environmental impact report, and one of its main intended water recipients. The report addresses at length four objections to the project that have been raised: damage to springs in the area from pumping; subsidence of land as water is pumped out; salt water intrusions into the project’s wells; and unsustainability of the intended pumping volume. The report denies the prediction of spring damage. It says that subsidence will be negligible, and that salt water intrusion will not reach the wells. Further, it makes an argument that even at low natural recharge rates claimed by project opponents, the groundwater reserves will not be appreciably affected—in part because of administrative oversight to be exercised by San Bernardino County—and can be expected to recover after the 50-year life of the project. The report adds that the Cadiz project is neither as unique nor as risky as opponents have claimed. In short, the report supports the Cadiz, Inc. claims for the water project without exception. The Cadiz press release touting the report added that one of the plaintiffs, Laborers International Union Local 783, has dropped its suit against the Santa Margarita Water District. The report is available at

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