Get your telescopes, binoculars, and your eyes ready for a once-in-a lifetime celestial phenomenon. Managing Editor Tami Roleff says the Comet Ison is coming….
Another comet will be flying by this month and some astronomers are saying it will be the “comet of the century,” while others think it might be nothing special. The Comet Ison will be at its closest to us on November 28, when it will be only 750,000 miles from the Earth. But for about the next week, observers say it will only be visible through telescopes or binoculars. The next few weeks will be the best time to see the Comet Ison. Go out about 4 a.m. in dark skies, away from city lights, and look to the east toward the constellation Leo, which looks like a question mark near the horizon. The comet will appear as a soft glow with a faint tail. The comet should brighten enough in the next one to two weeks to be visible to the naked eye. Even if the comet doesn’t live up to its hype, enjoy the moment of watching an object from outer space visit our solar system.

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