The Sheriff’s Department has arrested five people in connection with the theft of more than $150,000 worth of gold and silver coins in August in Landers. Sheriff’s investigators say a resident in the 60700 block of Adele Road reported the burglary August 7; Robby Sims, 59, of Landers, was the primary suspect an arrest warrant was issued. August 13, deputies served a search warrant in the 55800 block of Flamingo Road in Flamingo Heights, and recovered $3,900 in stolen coins, and identified two additional suspects, Timothy Krey, 53, and Brenda Klein, 63, both of Flamingo Heights. Krey and Klein were also identified as suspects in the theft of jewelry from Gateway Pawn in Yucca Valley; they are accused of stealing jewelry from the pawn shop when they went there to sell the stolen coins. Timothy Krey was arrested August 15, and Brenda Klein was arrested August 22; they were both booked for investigation receiving stolen property and grand theft. Two more suspects were arrested last Thursday after deputies located more than $4,100 in stolen coins during a search at a home in the 56000 block of Tracy Boulevard in Flamingo Heights. John Brewer, 64, and Jessie McFadden, 57, are charged with possession of stolen property. An anonymous tip then led deputies to the 1800 block of Wamego Trail in Flamingo Heights, where they found Robby Sims hiding and he was captured after a short foot pursuit. Robby Sims was booked on his warrant for grand theft at the Morongo Basin Jail with his bail set at $500,000. In addition, Sims is the primary suspect in felony vandalism August 20 at the Mojave Market in Flamingo Heights where he is said to have caused over $16,000 in damages to the gas station’s gas nozzles, credit card readers, and the emergency shut-off. Sims was also booked on the vandalism charge with his bail set at $25,000. Detectives are working to recover the coins that are still missing. Anyone with information on the missing coins should call Detective Erik Smoot at 760-366-4175.

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